Performance Evaluation System Consultation

The concept of Management By Objectives (MBO) is closely connected with the concept of planning. The process of planning implies the existence of objectives and is used as a tool/technique for achieving the objectives.….more

Portfolio Management Consultation

Right now, across all sectors of the economy, organizations are grappling with diminished growth rates, tighter budgets, and intense pressure to manage their investment dollars more effectively.….more

Designing and Implementing Integrated Management System

Quality, the environment, and health and safety are all unified by the concept of risk. Using three separate management systems within one organization is clearly time-consuming expensive and inefficient.….more

Project Management Consultation

In competitive and changing market environments, enterprises have more and more services for which different departments need multiple types of resources..….more

Marketing Management Consultation

Marketing is no longer a company department charged with a limited number of tasks—it is a company-wide undertaking. It drives the company’s vision, mission, and strategic planning.  …more