The concept of Management By Objectives (MBO) is closely connected with the concept of planning. The process of planning implies the existence of objectives and is used as a tool/technique for achieving the objectives. Modern managements are rightly described as ‘Management by Objectives’ (MBO). This MBO concept was popularized by Peter Drucker. It suggests that objectives should not be imposed on subordinates but should be decided collectively by a concerned with the management. This gives popular support to them and the achievement of such objectives becomes easy and quick.Image

The applying of MBO will give your organization the following advantages:

  • Develops result-oriented philosophy
  • Formulation of dearer goals
  • Facilitates objective appraisal
  • Raises employee morale
  • Facilitates effective planning
  • Acts as motivational force
  • Facilitates effective control
  • Facilitates personal leadership

Insights solution will help you to apply Management by Objectives as a Motivational, Appraisal and Effective Management Tool through the following process,