Marketing is no longer a company department charged with a limited number of tasks—it is a company-wide undertaking. It drives the company’s vision, mission, and strategic planning.

Marketing includes decisions like who the company wants as its customers, which of their needs to satisfy, what products and services to offer, what prices to set, what communications to send and receive, what channels of distribution to use, and what partnerships to develop. Marketing succeeds only when all departments work together to achieve goals: when engineering designs the right products; finance furnishes the required funds; purchasing buys high-quality materials; production makes high-quality products on time; and accounting measures the profitability of different customers, products, and areas.

To address all these different shifts, Insights Solutions will support your movement towards holistic marketing.


Holistic marketing is the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize the breadth and inter-dependencies of today’s marketing environment. Four key dimensions of holistic marketing are:

  • Internal marketing—ensuring everyone in the organization embraces appropriate marketing principles, especially senior management.
  • Integrated marketing—ensuring that multiple means of creating, delivering, and communicating value are employed and combined in the best way.
  • Relationship marketing—having rich, multifaceted relationships with customers, channel members, and other marketing partners.
  • Performance marketing—understanding returns to the business from marketing activities and programs, as well as addressing broader concerns and their legal, ethical, social, and environmental effects.

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Insights Solution we help you to addresses the following tasks that constitute modern marketing management in the 21st century:

  •  Developing marketing strategies and plans
  • Capturing marketing insights and performance
  • Connecting with customers
  • Building strong brands
  • Shaping the market offerings
  • Delivering and communicating value
  • Creating successful long-term growth