• Developing Business Model

The term “Business Model” used to mean how our clients ‘ firms made money. Firms needed to answer how they monetized their customer interactions; how they priced their products and services, and how they kept costs down so as to be profitable.

Osterwalder’s framework expanded the definition of business model to include the following four questions:

How do you create value?
How do you deliver value?
What is your Customer Value ?
How do you capture value?

These four questions are mapped into the nine boxes in a Business Model Canvas.

Most entrepreneurs are eager to develop new business models, but need help with the design. Many just fill in the blanks in the nine boxes, but are stumped when grilled by the investors on the inter-relationships among the boxes.

Improve Your Business Model

Insights Solution can help with designing a robust and compelling business model for your firm. We can help you answer the difficult questions such as:

As part of Insights Solutions mission to help entrepreneurs tell their stories in a compelling way, we can help you design an optimal business model that will wow investors, and help you get on your path to gain customer traction.

What is the relationship between your business model and your strategy?

Have you optimized your profit formula?

How are you competing using your business model, with other firms in the same space, but with different business models?